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Before we can even delve into finding style, what exactly is it? According to Dictionary.com style is “a mode of fashion, as in dress, especially good or approved fashion; elegance; smartness.” However, style seems to be just as diverse as the people who practice it. How does one know where to look for information?

The answer lies in understanding your personal taste. There are many different categories of types of style out there. Almost everyone disagrees on what categories exist, so ultimately style is very much a personal expression. Here are a few categories that I saw come up most often.


This is the person who loves things that never go out of style. They go with basic, simple styles that are timeless, think little black dresses and neutral colored blouses. Classic types have the fortunate advantage of being able to wear their wardrobe basics for years, because they don’t go out of style. Similar styles to the classic style include preppy and conservative.


Ruffles, lace, the romantic style is all about femininity. Romantics love the elegance of bygone eras, and their style shows it. They enjoy pastel colors and light, flowy fabrics, and love a good dress or skirt. Another similar style to the romantic is the whimsical style, which has a strong creative and eclectic feel.


Bohemian style is often correlated with hippies, but that’s not the entirety of this style. Bohemian style draws its influence from global culture, and enjoys pulling these influences into the clothing they wear. They have the wardrobe staples, but love to pull in accessories and additions like ethnic jewelry and funky jackets. Those with this style can make culture clashes look effortless.


Also known as chic, people with this style love whatever is the latest craze. They love well-fitted clothes like the classic style, but love to add trendy details that look like they just came off the runway. They love fabrics with wild prints and bold accessories, and often have a little bit of all the above styles in their wardrobes. Trendy people love what’s new, and are willing to spend a little extra to have it. They often become the fashion consultants for their friends, as they often know the latest in the fashion world.

Of course, finding your fashion couldn’t be so simple. Most people fall in more than one of these categories, and even draw influences from others. For instance, I personally feel like I’m pretty classic, but also have a little bohemian in me.

So where do you fall here? Is there something I missed? Let me know!

(Almost) Fashionably Yours,

Photo Credits: Classic- Marie Claire, Romantic- hipgirlie.com, Bohemian- onsugar.com, Trendy- Myddnetwork.com


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