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My roommate and I have a slight obsession with wedding dresses. Neither of us are engaged, and we won’t be for a good long while.

But something about the wedding dress attracts us, and I know we’re not alone. Shows like Say Yes to the Dress feed on many girl’s dreams of that white wedding. And the recent fascination with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding has only made me notice this trend even more. Admittedly, I did not get up early to watch the wedding, but I did scour Twitter upon waking up that morning for the dress.

And I did like her dress. Just not for me.

Thats what got me thinking. Even though looking at wedding dresses seems a bit ridiculous for two girls who aren’t even engaged, there’s a lot that can be understood about a person’s fashion style from the wedding dresses they love.

Lets start with this: Alfred Angelo’s Disney collection. Yes I said Disney. This collection has dresses based on many of the Disney Princesses. The contrast between my style and my roommate’s style is emphasized by our favorites.

For me, its the Belle gown.

Its the classic ball gown, perfect for my classic style. I tend to prefer A-line gowns, with a bit of sparkle. Not a lot of lace, no flowers everywhere, just some poof and polish. Other elements of a dress I find attractive are corset backs and layering, LOTS of layering. Dislikes are really formfitting dresses, lots of lace and over the top adornments.This really fits my everyday style: simple and classic.

Annie on the other hand, love some slink in her dresses. In the Disney collection, she falls in love with the Jasmine dress

Annie loves quirky details, asymmetry and dresses that are a bit untraditional. It shows in her personal style as well. The wedding dresses she loves usually fall into the categories of dresses you would see at destination or beach weddings. Her love of dresses expands beyond the wedding realm and into other online shopping obsessions. The dresses she loves (wedding or not) are very fitting into her personal loves.

Maggie Sottero is Annie's favorite designer.

So, friends, do you have a wedding dress obsession? Do the dresses you love describe your style? Send me your photos and comments!

(Almost) Fashionably Yours,



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When it comes to fashion, everyone has an opinion. So I decided to ask some of the wonderful and beautiful women I’ve met over this year to give me their perspective on what fashion is to them. Each has a very unique “Phashion” Philosophy.  (Please dont kill me for the bad pun!)

Sarah White

Phashion Philosophy: Hottest Modest Hippie :)
Describe your style: Flower child meets Forever 21 and Target
Can’t leave the house without: Dangly earrings or big-ish hoops
Favorite item: see above :D but really all earrings
Look I can’t stand: Leggings as pants/shirts as dresses
Favorite color to wear: BLUE
Fashion Idol: Me?

Camille Scott

Phashion Philosophy: Anything goes!
Describe your style: lazy bum, punk rock, hippie, 90s
Can’t leave the house without: aviators
Favorite item: leather jacket
Look I can’t stand: Uggs + Northface + leggings. So unoriginal.
Favorite color to wear: charcoal grey or sage green
Fashion Idol: When I find one, I’ll let you know ;)

Molly Bowen

Phashion Philosophy: Wear what you want.
Describe your style: Sweet and Sassy ;)
Can’t leave the house without: a pair of sunglasses, you never know when you’ll need them.
Favorite item: Oh geez… it’s either my battle boots or my converse, both are my go-to shoes!
Look I can’t stand: Uggs…I wouldn’t be caught dead in them. Unless someone put them on me when I was dead. And if that was the case, I’d haunt the crap out of that person!
Favorite color to wear: Red or purple.
Fashion Idol: Emma Watson and Adam Lambert.

Hillary Johns

Phashion Philosophy: Kate Middleton meets Athens
Describe your style: I’m a fan of pretty much everything and I love trying out new trends. Lately I’ve been obsessed with riding boots and flouncy/ 70s tops.
Can’t leave the house without: A giant purse/tote.
Favorite item: Knee high boots. My brown riding boots and my hand me down moccasin boots are my current obsession.
Look I can’t stand: Booty shorts. Leave something to the imagination please!
Favorite color to wear: Blue or purple.
Fashion Idol: Emma Watson and Kate Middleton. They’re classy, elegant and still throw fashion curveballs. I think it’s important to take notes from your fashion idols but then put your spin on it. Don’t loose you in your quest for fashion.

Annie Sand

Phashion Philosophy: Elegant bohemian
Describe your style:: I love things that are flowy or loose to show of the body’s curves without hugging them (though I usually balance that with skinny jeans). Then I add in some interest with natural elements and textures.
Can’t leave the house without: subtle color – I tend to avoid neons but instead use soft pastels and jade tones to play up my pale skin
Look I can’t stand: long flat ironed hair with a comb-over, I mean really, plenty of other hairstyles look great. Find something original.
Favorite color to wear: pale blue or burgundy
Fashion Idol: Nicole Richie and Lauren Conrad

While these women have figured out their philosophies, I’m going to keep working on mine. Let me know what your philosophy is!

(Almost) Fashionably Yours,


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There is something about wearing a t-shirt and  jeans. Its comforting, easy to wear and takes no thinking. In a rush in the morning? T and jeans. And while anyone can pull it off, and its hard to go wrong with it, the look is uninspired.

Its also my standby. To be honest, im usually wearing solid color v-necks. Nothing fancy. And while i do have a weakness for the occasional graphic t, my t-shirt drawers (yes, there are two) is mostly sold tees and a lot of shirts that i got from various groups and events I participated in.

So today I’m making it my mission to keep my comfy, simple t-shirt and jeans style while still making it look like I put a little effort in it.

Layer a jacket

Okay this isn’t a jacket. its a button up thats gotten a little tight in *ahem* certain areas. So i took one of my solid shirts and just throw the buttoned shirt on over. Another variation is using sweaters. You can get pretty creative with color combos, or just stick with neutrals in either layer.


There are two ways to use the belt. One is using it just with the shirt to make a high waistline- key is having a shirt that lets you make this waistline, not always easy. The other is to wear a sweater (or in this case a flowy vest) and belt it. A good elastic belt is a great choice. Get something in neutral colors so you have flexibility in using it.

Don’t wear jeans

You can wear a tee, just change it up by pairing a t-shirt with a good skirt. Suddenly a t-shirt doesnt look like a t-shirt anymore, its a dressy date-night outfit. Because I have a lot of solids, this black and white print skirt was a good choice. I can pair it with about any color, so  I can wear my tee and have color and fun patterns too!


I love the look of a vest over a t-shirt in order to make it look a little bit more dressy. It adds a bit of formalness to an otherwise dressed-down outfit.


Its a simple solution, add a scarf to the standard. Tie it around your neck, wrap it around your head, even use the scarf as a belt. Scarves are a flexible accessory.


Got a low cut v-neck or scoop neck, just but a cami underneath for a little extra sparkle or a lacy, feminine touch.

So pick one, combine a few… be flexible! Send me your pics and ideas! What is your “fashion standard” and how do you keep it fun and fresh?

One special question I have for you: What to you do to make your event t-shirts (usually unisex t’s) fashionable? Still working on that one… teach me!

Keep me posted @aebrighter on twitter or leave a comment below! I look forward to hearing from you.

(Almost) Fashionably Yours,


Special thanks to Marrett Laney for helping with photography.

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What’s next in discovering style? Of course a closet makeover. I hear about “closet essentials” all the time, so of course the journalist in me had to investigate. After consulting blogs, friends and my own fashion needs, I discovered that there are few things on my shopping list. This is good for a girl on a cash-strapped budget.

So let’s start with what I already have.

1) The trenchcoat.

Its a classic staple, and I’ve already found it. I bought this baby at Old Navy over Winter Break, and I couldnt wait to bring it to campus Spring Quarter. Its a piece of style that makes me feel like I’ve just walked into a detective movie. According to my friends, it makes me look like a journalist. I’ll take that feeling any day.

2) Little Black Dress

Okay, so its not all black, but this is my equivalent to it. Its sleek and classic and has just the right amount of sparkle. It’s sexy without being too revealing. And I got it at a ridiculously low price at JCPenney. Cheap and makes me feel awesome? Check.

3) Ballet Flats

I was so glad to see this one come up. I cant walk in heels. I’m working on it, but its a work in progress and not always fitting to the brick streets of Athens. So I have fallen for the easy, comfortable ballet flats.

4) Cardigans

I actually have two: a blue and grey striped one which pairs perfectly with a cami and jeans, and a black slouchy one that goes with anything. Always convenient. Both let me jazz up my basic t-and-jeans combo. The cardigan has gone far beyond Mr. Rodgers, its all grown up.

5) Slim Skirt

My version is a simple jean skirt, which works perfectly for most casual occasions when I want to be a bit dressy. I could probably improve on this one, but for now it will do.

6) Dark Wash Boot Cut Jeans

My old ways are validated! While i did for a time fall in with the skinny jean crowd, dark washes and well-fitted boot cuts won me back. My go-to pair is the Levi 524 cut, which is the best fitting jean I have ever found.

7) Vest

It’s probably not on most fashion essentials lists, but my tuxedo-style vest is definitely on mine. Over a basic, solid color t, it adds a little class to my everyday outfits.

On to the shopping list:

1) The Blazer

Ideally I want something well tailored and well made, probably in black. Simple, lightweight. a good blazer automatically makes a girl look polished and professional. The photo above was a Old Navy blazer, but they sold it three years ago, so its out as an option. I’ve been looking, I guess I just havent found the perfect candidate yet.

2) Classic White Blouse

I’ve had a few of these over the years, mostly as part of required concert outfits for orchestra. A white blouse and black slacks are a classic combination, but since they bring me back to middle school concerts, I’d love to update them with some fun jewelry, even scarves. But I can’t try it until I buy it!

So am I missing anything? What are your fashion essentials? Let me know in the comments below or send me a tweet!

(Almost) Fashionably Yours,


Photo Credits: Black Blazer- Polyvore.com, White Blouse- azcentral.com others- personal photos.

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Before we can even delve into finding style, what exactly is it? According to Dictionary.com style is “a mode of fashion, as in dress, especially good or approved fashion; elegance; smartness.” However, style seems to be just as diverse as the people who practice it. How does one know where to look for information?

The answer lies in understanding your personal taste. There are many different categories of types of style out there. Almost everyone disagrees on what categories exist, so ultimately style is very much a personal expression. Here are a few categories that I saw come up most often.


This is the person who loves things that never go out of style. They go with basic, simple styles that are timeless, think little black dresses and neutral colored blouses. Classic types have the fortunate advantage of being able to wear their wardrobe basics for years, because they don’t go out of style. Similar styles to the classic style include preppy and conservative.


Ruffles, lace, the romantic style is all about femininity. Romantics love the elegance of bygone eras, and their style shows it. They enjoy pastel colors and light, flowy fabrics, and love a good dress or skirt. Another similar style to the romantic is the whimsical style, which has a strong creative and eclectic feel.


Bohemian style is often correlated with hippies, but that’s not the entirety of this style. Bohemian style draws its influence from global culture, and enjoys pulling these influences into the clothing they wear. They have the wardrobe staples, but love to pull in accessories and additions like ethnic jewelry and funky jackets. Those with this style can make culture clashes look effortless.


Also known as chic, people with this style love whatever is the latest craze. They love well-fitted clothes like the classic style, but love to add trendy details that look like they just came off the runway. They love fabrics with wild prints and bold accessories, and often have a little bit of all the above styles in their wardrobes. Trendy people love what’s new, and are willing to spend a little extra to have it. They often become the fashion consultants for their friends, as they often know the latest in the fashion world.

Of course, finding your fashion couldn’t be so simple. Most people fall in more than one of these categories, and even draw influences from others. For instance, I personally feel like I’m pretty classic, but also have a little bohemian in me.

So where do you fall here? Is there something I missed? Let me know!

(Almost) Fashionably Yours,

Photo Credits: Classic- Marie Claire, Romantic- hipgirlie.com, Bohemian- onsugar.com, Trendy- Myddnetwork.com

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