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The all caps of the title is completely necessary. If it didn’t seem so tacky, that one word would be followed by several exclamation points.

What I mean is, color in a wardrobe is something to get excited about! I think, no matter how simple or plain an outfit is (and I know, some days its hard to pull together something really fashionably inspired) adding color is something every outfit needs before you leave the house. You could be wearing something completely white, or black or brown and just adding a simple, colorful accessory can add something more to an outfit.

Color Accents

And there is something about wearing color and your mood. Have you ever noticed that on down days, color seems to mysteriously disappear from wardrobes? Color is very much related to mood.

So maybe, after all this rain in Athens, its time to break out the color. Student morale seems to suffer with the grey days that have invaded Ohio for the last month or so, but I think that color is the perfect way to combat the grey!

So here’s a challenge, show me your color combat gear. I want to see how you’re using color in your outfits! I’d love to do a post of your guys’ submissions. (and if you have photos, advice or stories based on anything I’ve already discussed, send those my way too!)

But to continue our adventures with color I would like to bring up something that I’ve always wondered about. Do certain features lend themselves to certain colors?

I’m pale, blue eyed and brown haired. I always thought that I had to wear jewel tones and cool colors. But lately I’ve discovered that color rules are made to be broken. My pasty skin does not dictate my color choices, color can be used in any way. I’ve started trying pastels  and even the occasional bright. The only thing limiting me from that bright yellow blouse or bold orange skirt is me.

One of the biggest trends this season has been color blocking (check out Thread Magazine, my loving sponsor, for an article in their May Issue with the details) so I plan on taking full advantage.

So join me in taking on color. Go wild, combine colors you thought would never work, and show that gray weather who’s boss.

And then, of course, send me your photos and tips.

(Almost) Fashionably Yours,


Photos: bizchickblogs.com, jbstylezone.blogspot.com, color accent photo created on polyvore.com 


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